Music: Brett Schrier
Book & Lyrics: Catherine Doherty

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"Can you find love twice in a lifetime?" Take Two explores the possibility of finding romance a second time around. Four engaging and funny characters have all "lost" the love of their lives and take the terrifying step of posting personal profiles on the same internet dating service. It doesn't take long for each of them to discover that the challenge of the online dating game goes beyond technology and trying to find a new mate. The key to a second chance begins with rediscovering themselves, their friends and families, their hearts, and of course, a healthy sense of humor! Take Two will touch your heart and your funnybone as you root for love to strike again!

Take Two, with an outstanding original score by Brett Schrier, includes such memorable hits as the hilarious 60's The New 40, Death Of A Date, Starting All Over Again, You Can't Judge A Profile By The Picture, I've Got A Match?, and Second Soul. The music from Take Two has been performed at various venues throughout the country to raving success and popularity. You'll be sure to laugh, cry, and sing-along with this catchy collection of songs!


Sam Weatherstone is an attractive, witty, middle-aged professor who was recently separated from her husband. Throughout Sam's journey, you'll laugh with her as she clumsily navigates her way through the online dating scene after...well...a significant hiatus from that frightening world!

"I should date a camel. It's a desert out there..."

Nick Weatherstone is Sam's (now separated) husband. He's a career marine, awkwardly trying to "march" his way into a new life as an eligible bachelor. Throughout Take Two, Nick struggles to adapt to the modern age of technology, finalize a divorce, and remain a loving father- all while attempting to find that "perfect match."

"Where is the gal that doesn't ask about Viagra?"

Alice Weatherstone is the widowed daughter of Sam and Nick. Will she be able to let go of the past and get her life back together? In the meantime, she is dealing with parents who don't mean to interfere...but...they are parents...You'll fight for Alice as she copes with these difficult challenges, and strives to "start all over again."

"I should just log off. There's gotta be an easier way."

Joe Reilly is Alice's closest friend and co-worker. He was recently divorced and has come "out of the closet." Joe is not only back in the "dating game," but a completely new world of dating. You'll laugh, cry, and be inspired by Joe as he tries everything to fit into this unfamiliar "gay world," which holds some unexpected surprises.

"My ex- wife wanted more closet space, so I came out..."

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***Musical Score for Piano, Bass, & Drums also available for performance.

For additional performance requirements & inquiries, please contact: info@taketwothemusical.com

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